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Meet our Alumni / Agathe Corbet

Just four years into her career as an Interior Designer Agathe Corbet boasts an impressive portfolio of work for clients across 3 continents, with projects featured in high profile magazines.

Interior Design Online has students from over 30 countries around the world, but not many would have as much international interiors experience as IDO alumni Agathe Corbet. Now living in Toronto Canada, Agathe had a career in marketing in her native France, before living in Sydney while studying her Diploma of Interior Design and starting her own business Ama Studio.  She’s also a skilled Stylist and accomplished Interiors Photographer and offers these services to clients.

Agathe has worked hard for her success in both residential and commercial design, and has a strong, recognisable aesthetic. “I collaborate closely with my clients to bring their vision to life and design spaces that are a true reflection of their unique style and personality and that they will love for years to come”, says Agathe. “My style is warm, minimalist and highly inspired by nature and travels. I aim to create interiors that are contemporary and sophisticated yet relaxed and approachable. Earthy color palettes, rich textures, natural materials and organic shapes are all parts of my signature aesthetics”.

Apartment, Toronto, Canada

Agathe transformed a cold and sterile-feeling condo into a warm and cosy home with a warm palette and layered natural materials and textures. With the sheer curtains closed, it’s a serene retreat from the busy outside world. You can see more of this stunning home here

Ground to Grow cafe, Paris, France

The space was a dark, run down luggage store that was completely gutted and renovated into a warm and cozy café. Over just a few months the space was transformed into a bright boutique destination.

Yoga Studio, Paris, France

“It’s every designer’s dream to discover beauty during the demolition phase. In this project we were very fortunate to uncover a beautiful sandstone wall that had been hidden behind plasterboards. It was such a great surprise and adds so much character to the space. We also revealed a beautiful glass ceiling that had been covered with ugly ceiling tiles,” says Agathe.

Agathe graduated with a Diploma of Interior Design. Find out about this course here.