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Debbie Cohen

Interior Stylist & Designer
Online Educator

“I feel that by sharing my real-life experiences I can help students develop their problem-solving skills, to help them think on their feet and find the courage to give things a go.”

Debbie Cohen is living proof that if you have the courage to explore opportunities then you can have a career that you truly love. When circumstance resulted in Debbie engaging an Interior Decorator to help fit out her own home, it coincided with a crossroads in her career. She enjoyed the process so much she approached the Decorator about spending some time with her to get to know the industry.

Fast forward five years, and after completing her Certificate in Interior Decoration at Sydney Design School and spending time as a Property Stylist, she now has her own thriving business, ‘The Style Chapter’. It combines her great sense of style, eye for detail and her enjoyment of working closely with people to bring joy into their lives.

How did you know being an Interior Decorator was for you?

“As soon as I started on this career path, I knew it was the one for me. I felt like I had come alive. I am so excited to face each new project and feel immense satisfaction when they are completed. This career gives me what my last career lacked – fulfilment and joy.

Aside from loving the work, it’s such a supportive industry. I have a strong network of fellow creatives connected by our common love of design. I’m a people-person and despite having my own business, I am always working with others.”

What do you love about interior decoration?

“How rewarding it is. I get to work closely with my clients to improve the feel and functionality of their home – which in turn, has a major impact on their quality of life. New innovative family friendly finishes and materials means that everyone can have a beautiful home that fits their lifestyle.

It’s a privilege to be welcomed into a family’s home and have them place their trust in me. Close working relationships develop as we collaborate, and I can help them to write the next chapter of their lives…hence the name of my business ‘The Style Chapter’.”

How have you evolved as a Decorator?

“I take more risks, especially with colour and texture. Confidence comes with experience and I take what I learn from each project onto the next. I trust my instincts and now feel capable to tackle any project. More challenging ventures, like those that require combining vintage pieces with more contemporary ones or where different tastes need to be accommodated, excite me now rather than fill me with trepidation. Pushing yourself results in real reward.”

Why did you become an Educator?

“It took me some time to find a career that truly satisfies me, and now I want to encourage others to take the leap and follow their passion. My experience in property styling and working in my own interior decorating business means I can share my knowledge across a range of styling and interior decoration activities. I also feel that by sharing my real-life experiences, I can help students develop their problem-solving skills to help them think on their feet and find the courage to just give things a go.”