IDO Edits // Colour Rich Apartment

IDO Edits // Colour Rich Apartment
January 17, 2018 Interior Design Online

IDO Edits  //  Colour Rich Apartment

This home in Russia is a wonderful example of using colour and line to create an impactful and engaging interior story.

Soft grey walls and charcoal cabinetry are complimented by a rich palette of emerald, sage and pink hues in this colour rich apartment. Herringbone wooden floors together with brass and gold accents add warmth and texture.

The apartment is devoid of pattern but designers have introduced visual rhythm and interest through the use of strong vertical and horizontal lines in the bespoke cabinetry and tiles. To soften the straight lines, circles are repeated throughout the apartment, featuring as mirrors, art, tables and lights.

See the whole apartment tour on 1618room.

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