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Nicky Kelleher

Interior Designer
Online Educator

“I really enjoy manipulating spaces to improve their flow and functionality. Design has the power to make such an impact on the quality of our lives.”

Nicky’s ability to manage teaching while raising several small children and working on her own private interior design projects, means she is the perfect person to help online students. Why? She understands the challenges of juggling study and life and knows exactly what her students need most from her – support, encouragement, and honesty.

Her infectious energy, dedication, and caring nature, coupled with her vast interior design knowledge, means she is perfectly equipped to help her students achieve their design aspirations. In fact, nothing brings her more joy in her role as Educator with Interior Design Online than seeing her students grow and realize their dreams. Design confidence develops with experience but having someone on your side from the very beginning of your journey, encouraging and supporting you, makes all the difference.

What do you love about being an Educator?

“Sharing my knowledge with the students and watching them gain confidence as they grow as a designer. It is so rewarding seeing a student who initially doubts themselves progress through their studies and then graduate to work in the industry. It makes all the long hours worthwhile.

Having been on a similar path myself when I left my former career to study Interior Design at Sydney Design School, I understand the dedication and energy learning requires, but I also know the feeling of jubilation when you put your knowledge and skills to work on real life projects.”

What inspired you to become a designer?

“I have always loved design and architecture. I think it harks back to my great grandfather who was an artist and a collector of eclectic retro furniture. I didn’t appreciate at the time how much of an impact he had upon me.

Looking back, I can now see how the many hours we spent together discussing art and the finer points of unique, thought at times truly obscure furniture pieces really planted the seed for my love of design. Although it took many years for the timing to be right for me to actually pursue my passion, it really started way back then.”

What do you love about interior design?

“I really enjoy manipulating spaces to improve their flow and functionality. Design has the power to make such an impact on the quality of our lives and sometimes even simple changes lead to big outcomes. Watching my clients enjoy their spaces and the difference good design makes, whether it be as a result from reconfiguring rooms, adding custom joinery, or finding the perfect pieces for their home, it is just so rewarding. Happy client, happy designer.”

What brings you inspiration?

“My fellow Educators, other Interior Designers and my students. Creative people seem to attract each other like magnets. When we get together the energy is infectious, and I am so grateful to be part of it all. Watching students have the courage to follow their passion and work hard to achieve what they never believed to be possible is so inspiring. Some of the designs they create are truly exceptional. I feel so proud of them, and it motivates me to keep helping students transform their lives. I’m a firm believer that if you give yourself permission to follow your passion, then the sky’s the limit.”