IDO Edits // Sussex Bespoke Tapware

IDO Edits // Sussex Bespoke Tapware
December 11, 2017 Interior Design Online

IDO Edits  |  Sussex Bespoke Tapware

“We believe the objects that fill our everyday lives should be works of art in themselves.”

Innovative yet timeless designs characterise the tapware meticulously produced by Melbourne-based company Sussex.

Each piece is assembled and finished by hand and can be customised with 31 special finishes. Reflective, matte and tumbled finishes, together with a palette comprising of classics, primary hues and on trend colours allow you to create truly bespoke details.

We love these products and the endless possibilities to craft a unique design statement.

Discover more of Sussex on their website here.

Sussex tapware
Sussex - Melbourne tapware company
Sussex taps

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