Student Profile // Karina Barry

Student Profile // Karina Barry
December 6, 2017 Interior Design Online

Student Profile  //  Meet Karina Barry

Today we chat with one of our students Karina Barry. Karina has found a way to fit study around owning and managing the renowned Bells at Killcare and Pretty Beach House.

“It was during these projects that I really discovered that interior design was my true passion which is how I came to find Interior Design Online.”

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?


I am in fact a 5th generation hotelier – my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all worked in the hotel industry.


We have just celebrated  our 10th anniversary at Bells at Killcare. The hotel is surrounded by the Bouddi  National park and eight beaches, just down the road we have a lookout where you can see Sydney from afar.

In the time you’ve had the property, you’ve made some significant changes to it.

Yes, over the years we’ve undertaken four significant renovations. Most recently, we’ve renovated and restyled six rooms that made up the original part of the hotel. We wanted every room to be different and unique, boutique style, so they’ve all been styled individually with their own wall papers and bathroom colours.

Studying online obviously gives you a little more flexibility?

Yes it does, we travel a lot internationally, so I needed something to fit in with my busy schedule. The tricky thing that I didn’t appreciate is that you really have to block everything out find the place and time to commit to your studies, otherwise it just won’t get done.

It sounds like you’ve had a busy 10 years!

Yes, each project can take about a year, and once I’m done, I’m already thinking about the next one.

The renovation projects have been really fun and the best thing about enrolling in the IDO course is gaining skills and ability to be able to put my ideas to paper. So now I can pass these drawings on to a builder without actually having to be on-site. Another major benefit from the course is the confidence that I have gained – Bells at Killcare and Pretty Beach House.

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