Introducing // Designer Shinya Yoshida

Introducing // Designer Shinya Yoshida
November 9, 2017 Interior Design Online

Introducing Shinya Yoshida // Japanese Designer and Inventor

Nukumori Lights

Japanese designer Yoshida specialises in objects that are adjustable, minimal and multi-functional with beautiful refined finishes.  This year Yoshida was featured at Milano Salone Satellite, where he presented  four new designs including the Ombra light, the Dabo shelf, the Drape tray collection and the Dumbo wooden stool.

Born in 1984, Yoshida pursued a career in car mechanics to learn that he had an undeniable obsession and appreciation for intricate, refined details that many overlook.  Deferring his career to study design, he became a lecturer at Nihon Kougakuin college and now is an award winning designer.

Ombra Pendant Lighting

Dabo Shelf

Drape Tray

Dumbo Stool

The designer’s most well-known piece of work his tree stand, composed of eight pieces, has won two international design awards – the Good Design Award and the iF design award.

Tree Hanger

“As a car mechanic, I used to work with a lot of components and materials.

I was intrigued by the notion that small parts have meaning to the whole object. I then began to study and learn ‘design’ and became what I longed to be”.

Tree Hanger

Shinya Yoshida’s design ethos centres around the idea of engaging with the details of an object, as he believes it is those details that will allow the object to function.

You can see more of Shinya Yoshida designs at

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